Canada Stitches

Hello, everyone:

Welcome to Canada Stitches!

We are an international volunteer group of stitchers and quilters bound together by the common goal of using our skills to enhance the lives of Canadians - premature infants, children, adults and animals. Our tiny premature infant quilts and squishy cuddle cushions are donated to hospitals all over Canada completely free of charge. Children facing life-long medical conditions have also received custom hand-made quilts. We have been helping another group create memorial quilts for the recently fallen RCMP officers. This past year, we started making quilts for disabled first responders - a group that is overlooked far too often.

We always welcome new members who wish to stitch and/or quilt. The requirements are easy - just have that desire to help! For more information, please enjoy the pages on this site. If you wish to join or make a donation, you are very welcome to visit us on Facebook. You will find our links on the left side of the page.